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Prize Winners and Sponsors



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1st Runner-up

2nd Runner-up

2nd Runner-up


Golden Entry Mrs. Jayam Narayanaswamy/ Mr. Venkatraman Mrs. Suma Murthy/                     Dr. C.K. Murthy -


Primary / Secondary Doubles Samarth Sreenidhi/

Vyas Sriram

Sushma Somasekhar/

Chaitra Sriram

Vivikth Sreenidhi/

Vishi Sundar

Ganesh Ramakrishnan/


Dr. N. Varaprasad
Open Doubles (Men) Raman Venkateshwaran/

Srirama Chandra

Nandakumar Heble/


S.R. Sundar/

Srinivas Harihar

N. Madhusudan/


Mr. E. Sukumar
Open Doubles (Ladies) Prema Krishnaswamy/


Vijaya Sreenidhi/

Deepika S Chandra

Deepa Ramachandran/

Sona Sunder Mani

Jaya Ravindra/

Banu Nagaraj

Mrs. Anandam Ganapathy
Open Mixed Doubles Jyothi Jayaram/

Samarth Sreenidhi

Vijaya Sreenidhi/

Raman Venkateshwaran

Sona Sunder Mani/

Sunder Mani

S. Deepika/

Srirama Chandra

Dr. G. Ramakrishnan
Veteran Mixed Doubles Prema Krishnaswamy/


Chitra Varaprasad/

Dr. N. Varaprasad

Suma Murthy/ Aranaprasad Sudha Ramapathy/

T.V. Ramapathy

Mrs. Malathy Sowmi
Secondary Singles Samarth Sreenidhi Vagesh Madhusudan Vivikth Sreenidhi Ganesh Ramakrishnan Dr. N. Varaprasad
Open Singles (Men) Abhishek Nandakumar Heble Sri Kumar Sunder Mani Dr. G. Ramakrishnan
Open Singles (Ladies) Prema Krishnaswamy Deepika S Chandra Parvathy Sundar Mr. Sri Ramachandra
Veteran Singles (Men) N. Madhusudan Dr. N. Varaprasad T.V. Ramapathy Sivaramakrishnan Mrs. Malathy Sowmi
Referee Mr. Richard Ting Yuh Cherng - - -
- - - - -


Souvenir for Qualified Referee Mrs. Anandam Ganapathy
Appreciation Souvenirs Mr. Raman Venkateshwaran
Badminton Court Sponsorship for 20/03/99 Mr. D. Natarajan
Badminton Court Sponsorship for 21/03/99 Mr. Srirama Chandra
Badminton Shuttle Cocks Sponsors: 


Mrs. Malathy Sowmi,  Mr. Sundar,   Mr. Srirama Chandra, Mr. Raman Venkateshwaran


SDBBS is pleased to announce the roaring success of the Badminton Tournament held recently at the Geylang Serai Community Club.

Special thanks to all those who volunteered to perform the duties of line umpiring and umpiring, to Mrs. Deepika Srirama Chandra for developing a special software program for random drawing of fixtures and also for creating the database, to all individual sponsors, to Mr. Kaneson and his team for providing First Aid services and to all those who have in one way or the other contributed to the success of this event.

SDBBS looks forward to organizing similar events in the near future to bring about togetherness, identify talents and create occasions for social, religious & cultural Participation from within our Brahmin Community in Singapore.

SDBBS also solicits your valuable feedback, suggestions and requests for future events viz., religious (poojas, homam, bhajans, etc.), cultural (music, dance, drama, etc.), sports (Bridge, Cricket, Tennis, etc.), social (family day, sight seeing, etc.) and education (Sanskrit classes, Veda Classes, etc.). Kindly send in your inputs by mail  addressed to "The Singapore Dakshina Bharatha Brahmana Sabha"or by email