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JANUARY 22 & 23, 2004



Singapore Dakshina Bharatha Brahmana Sabha was formed in 1924 to fulfill primarily the religious needs of the small Brahmin community. The Sabha also provided an avenue for the members to interact socially. The Sabha was formally registered in 1949 under Societies Act when its activities were revived after a brief period of disruption during World War II. 

Sabha has been one of the pioneer organizations of its kind to be established in this part of the world. The Sabha has regular events all round the year. Since its inception, the Sabha, through its members is rendering service to several organisations and temples in their activities. 

It is heartening to note that from a humble beginning with a handful number of members in Singapore, Sabha has witnessed a steady increase in its membership all these years. The steadfast support from the members has kept Sabha’s activities growing in multifarious ways. Among others, the Veda classes conducted by Sabha’s priests are very popular and are now being held at ten (10) centres.  

Sabha is proud to celebrate its 80 years of existence [ “ Sadhabishegam “] in 2004. A series of activities have been planned throughout 2004 to commemorate this special occasion, commencing with Maha Rudram.  


Chanting of Sri Rudram, an important hymn in praise of Lord Siva, is considered to be very auspicious, bringing peace all over and good health with longevity. It is also sacred since it beholds the Panchakshara Mantra viz. Namashivaya in its core. Likewise Sri Rudram itself is in the midpoint of Agni Kand of Krishna Yajur Veda Chanting of the Rudram in rhythm, purifies the entire atmosphere and wipes out distress in humanity. VRIKSHAYA MOOLA SAKENA PUSHYANTHI VAI YAD SHIVA RUDRAJAPATH PEETHA YEVASYA DEVATHA - Thus speaks Sutha Samhita. In Kaivalya upanishad, it is said that "Rudra Japam" is able to wipe out all sins and acts as a 'Prayaschitham' for all. 

Repeated chanting of Rudram in a set pattern multiplies the benefits in many folds for the individuals as well as to the whole world. Rudram if chanted for 11 times is known as Rudra Ekadasi or Rudraikadasani.  11 Rudra Ekadasis make one Lagu Rudram. 11 Lagu Rudrams or 121 Rudra Ekadasis is Maha Rudram. 

Maha Rudram is not merely a chanting of Rudram. Lord Shiva and other Devathas are firstly invoked in the kalasams with appropriate mantras. Maha Nyasam is then chanted to invoke Lord Shiva within ourselves. 

Thereafter Sri Rudram is chanted and at the end of each recitation, another hymn, "Chamakam " is chanted. Chamakam identifies 346 desires of human beings to be fulfilled and prays for them. Towards the final stages of chanting, Sri Rudra Homam is performed. Further Sri Rudra Krama Archana will be performed to Lord Shiva in between wherein each word of Sri Rudram is offered as a Namavali to Lord Shiva.   


Performance of Maha Rudram by Sabha has a few unique features. In the history of Singapore, this will be the first occasion where Maha Rudram is performed in just two sessions. Maha Rudram will be performed by members  and well wishers of the Sabha under the guidance of  Sabha Purohiths. It is to be noted that many of the members learnt to recite Sri Rudram by attending the classes conducted by Sabha since 1985. Sabha is proud of its  efforts in the propagation of Vedic knowledge amongst its members that has made this task possible. On the part of the Veda students, this event is a befitting tribute to Sabha in its 80th year celebrations.

Another notable event is Rudra Krama Archana to be performed on the evening of 22 Jan 2004 which is a rare event even in India.  


22.01.04   Thursday

06.00 AM                   Ganapathy Pooja & Homam

07.00 AM                   Poorvanga Pooja &  Sankalpam

07.30 AM                   Maha Nyasam   - Kamya Homams

09.00 AM                   Rudra Parayanam commences

01.00 PM                   Deeparadhana


06.45 PM                   Rudra Krama Archana

08.30 PM                   Deeparadhana

 23.01.04   Friday

06.00 AM                   Ganapthy pooja, Poorvangam & Sankalpam

07.00 AM                   Maha Nyasam/Rudra Homam

08.30 AM                   Rudra Parayanam

11.30 AM                   Poornahuthi & Vasodhthara homam

11.55 AM                   Abhishegam & Alankaram to Lord Shiva at sanctum

12.30 PM                   Shiva Ashtothram

12.45 PM                   Maha Deeparadhana




You can participate in Maha Rudhram  the following ways: 

1.         Donor Tickets

Only 11 tickets are available at $ 2,001. The donors will be given along with the prasadam, one of the eleven silver Kalasams used for worship in Maha Rudra Japam.

2.             Kalasam tickets

Only 121 tickets are available at $ 150.00. The holders shall be given along with the prasadam, one of the 121 copper Kalasams used for worship in Maha Rudra Japam and a silver lamp.

3.             Sankalpam tickets

Sankalpam tickets are priced at $ 50.00 only. 

The names of all the ticket holders shall be included in the Sankalpams for all events of Maha Rudram.
Cash donations to cover the cost of following items are also welcome :
Annadhanam(3 sessions)    $ 1,000 each session
Flowers (2 days)                $ 750 each day
Homam Dravyam                      $ 750
Abhishega Dravyam          $ 500
Kalasa Dravyam                     $ 500
Fruits                                      $ 500

The tickets are available with Sabha Purohiths
Sri Muralidhara Sastrigal             HP 90621549
Sri Ganesa Sastrigal             HP 91469473

Sri Mahalinga Sastrigal              HP 92711502

You can mail your cheques for appropriate amount by filling up the details in the enclosed sheet and mailing to the address given. You can also contact any of the management Committee members for the above.


Forth Coming Events 

Youth Seminar 

 The seminar open only to the young members of the community will discuss the issues that are of interest to them in a free manner under the guidance of an eminent religious scholar.The seminar will be an attempt to find answers to  the some of their concerns. 

Kala Sandhya

A cultural event that shall exhibit the excellent talents of the community in various forms of arts. 

Grande Finale

A Grand Finale to Sabha’s Sadhabishegam celebrations. This event will include a slide presentation on Sabha’s history and very senior members will also be thanked for their invaluable contributions along with the release of a souvenir magazine