To get your children to perform better, Should You Push Them? or Pull Them? or What?

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is organizing

in association with the facilitators,

The McGregorr Consultants


"Parenting Talk Show"


the 20th Nov 1999

 at the Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society (SIFAS)


This is a "never-to-miss" rewarding talk show to help parents prepare their children for a successful tomorrow.

In this highly competitive world, you have a big responsibility of preparing your children to face the challenges of life effectively and enthusiastically.

To make sure that your children do not lag behind at school or outside school, you need to get them to the habit of thinking.




Make the difference

as they can



solve problems,

be creative,

be alert,

be active,

be happy,

be positive,

be confident,

make decisions,

learn values,

get along with others,

be self- motivated,

and be responsible


Learning Styles of children are not the same, and each one of them learns a subject or a topic within their zone of comfort.

But if the learning styles, teaching styles and / or the parenting styles do not match, the children will be confused. This confusion can result in under-performance along with disinterest and dislike.

Getting your children to think is not easy, especially if you donít know how to do it?

So, come along and find out for yourself as to how you can use some proven techniques and methods to get your children thinking.

Register your name now, so as to make a clear difference in your life as well as in the life of your precious children. Help your children to think and the best gift you can ever give to them.



The programme leader is an experienced and widely known Sociologist and management consultant from

The McGregorr consultants

-a reputed training & development organisation with an international presence. The programme promises to be highly valuable, interactive and fun. The learning can be easily practiced as the tips for raising a thinking child are very practical, simple and down to earth.



Yes, I am interested in helping my children perform better as a thinking child. I want to attend the talk on 20th Nov 1999 at the Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society (SIFAS) between 3-5pm




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