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The SDBBS is very proud to have crossed an important milestone in its history. It is its 75th anniversary, or the Platinum Jubilee, which was  celebrated in 1998 with great enthusiasm by all our members and well-wishers. It is heartening to note that the torch lit in 1923 by the small immigrant community which started the SDBBS is still burning bright and unswerving in its principal mission of upholding the Vedic traditions and values. Whilst SDBBS  looks with pride by celebrating its 75th anniversary, let us go back in time to relive some of its past achievements, through this photo gallery.    



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Many of Sabha's records were lost during the World War II but the earliest available photograph dates back to 1928.

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The above two group photographs of SDBBS members and familes were taken in 1928



Functions in the 50s

1950s1.JPG (33518 bytes) A Sabha Function in the late 50s featuring the wives of former Sabha Presidents







A Group Photograph taken at a Seemantham ceremony

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Sabha in the 60s

1960s1.jpg (37820 bytes) Saastha Preethi Celebrations at the Old Tank Road Temple, circa late 60s




At a wedding function in mid 60s

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1960s3.jpg (38929 bytes) Members of the Sabha and the Telugu community giving a send off to film actor Nageswara Rao

1970s and 1980s

At a Sabha Sports Day in the 1970s

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1980s1.jpg (35022 bytes) Rama Navami Celebrations in the 1980s at Sri Senbaga Vinayagar Temple, Ceylon Road


84th Birthday Celebrations of  Sri S.N.Dorai at No. 2, Jalan Tenggiri

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The Platinum Jubilee Year: 1998

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souvenir.gif (259226 bytes) Cover Page of the Special Souvenir released on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Sabha:

Saastha Preethi Day. 1 January 1999

Chandi Homam 2000

Chandi Homam 2001

Chandi Homam 2002