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The significance of the Pournami Vratam can be seen from the various Pournami Vratas ordained in our scripture as given below:.

CHITRA POURNAMI: This is observed on Pournami day in the month of Chitrai by offering

The prayers to Chitragupta, minister for Yamadharmaraj, whose birthday falls on this day. Ladies observe special vratam on this day.

VAISAKA POORNIMA: Buddha Jayanthi is celebrated on this day. Equally significant for others.

ASHADA POORNIMA: This is also called Guru Poornima or Vyasa Pooja where Sanyasis start observing their four months (chaturmasya) vrata.

SRAVANA POORNIMA: This day the Upakarma (Avani Avitam) is performed. This day brahmins change their sacred thread (Poonal) and offer prayers by chanting vedas and performing homas as a homage to the Rishis who have passed on the vedas and sastras to us. Commencing of Veda teaching on this day is quite significant.

RADRAPADA POORNIMA: Umamaheswara Vratam is celebrated on this day.Ladies observe fasting on this day and offer special prayers to Lord Shiva.

AIPPASI POORNIMA: On this day, special annabishegam is offered to Lord Shiva from the rice prepared from the new harvest.

KARTHIGAI POORNIMA: On this day the deepa festival (Karthigai deepam) is celebrated.

THAI POORNIMA: On this day Thai Poosam is celebrated offering prayers to Lord Subrahmanya.

MAGA POORNIMA: On this day the Kumba Mela festival is celebrated in this norther part of India. In the southern part, once in twelve years MAHA MAKAM is celebrated.