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It could raise in the minds whether Sita,. consort of Sri Rama, could have fallen into the fire after hearing Rama’s harsh words, to testify her chastity. She prayed that "If Rama judges me wrongly, may fire, the universal witness, save me from all danger and protect me". Uttering these words, she circumambulated the fire and walked into it. (Valmiki Ramayana Canto V. Sarga 179).

Similarly it is believed that Draupadi, who herself was the product of the sacrificial fire of Panchala King, purified herself in the flames of fire each time she lived with Pancha Pandavas for a year by turn.

Fire walking, in honour of Draupadi is celebrated for a period of 22 days . Devotees take a vow and willingly walk on the fire filled in a big pit dug for the purpose. They observe celibacy and other austerities for 48 days before the festival. We may notice that these devotees, who observe the fire walking, do not suffer any pains or injury or burns.

Sri Mariamman Temple, South Bridge Road,.celebrates this function every year during October and this year the function falls on 12th October 1998 and the fire walking ceremony is celebrated from 4.30 pm onwards.