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Lord Ganesa is not only the god of wisdom, success, remover of all obstacles but also the remover of distress and difficulty (Sankataharar). Said in Skanda Purana that those who observe this Vratam shall get the blessings of Lord Vigneshwara and will get all their difficulties and distress disappeared.


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This Vratam is to be observed on the Sravana month Krishna Paksha Chaturthi day by fasting through out the day and in the evening at Chandrodayam (moon rise time) Lord Ganesa is to be worshipped and to propitiate the blessings of Chandra Graha (moon) by offering Argya (oblations of milk with sandal paste, rice grain and flower) and to break the fast after seeing Moon. This Vratam can also be started during Kumba month (Feb-Mar) Krishnapaksha Chaturthi.

Lord Ganesa himself tells about this Vratam. He told his mother Parvathi about an incident which took place during King Harichandra regime:-

A Brahmin widow, wife of one Rushya Sarma was an ardent observer of this Vratam. One day after performing the Pooja, the brahmin's son went out to play with the idol of Lord Ganesh. One potter, who came that side, took this young kid and offered him to the kiln preparing vessels for King's daughter's wedding in response to the advise that the offering of a young kid to the kiln as bali would produce the pots quickly. Next day the potter came to the spot and observed that the young kid was alive playing cheerfully. Astonished he went to the King and narrated to him what had happened. Then the King enquired about the boy and came to know about his mother's devotion to Lord Ganesa and her observance of Sankatahara Chaturthi Vratam. After having understood that it was the effect of the Vratam that saved the young boy, the King worshipped the lady also and ordered all the people to kindly observe this Vratam. This was the story narrated by Ganesa to Himavathi, who observed this Vratam to get married to Ishwara. Lord Krishna advised Dharmaputra to observe this Vratam to get back his Kingdom. Lord Ishwara to destroy Tripura . Ravana also observed this to get release from Bali, Anjaneya to find Goddess Sita and Sri Rama to kill Ravana. Students can observe this Vratam to do well in their studies. Anyone can observe for any vow. Members desirous of performing this Pooja can contact our Sabha purohits for more details.

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