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The Mandala Veda Parayanam is being held by the Sabha for the past 8 years without a break. This year Veda Parayana will be conducted for 45 days starting from 16 November until 30 December, following which, the Sabha will hold the annual Sastha Preeti as a grand finale on the 1st January of the following year at a congregation of Sabha members. The Krishna Yajur Veda Thaithiryopanishad is the principal text that is chanted by the purohits of the Sabha. Each day a different prasna (chapter) is chanted and its significance is explained by the purohit. The parayana is conducted at a different home every day and is followed by the chanting of other scriptures - like the Suktas or portions of the Upanishads.

It is our privilege to preserve and protect the knowledge of the Veda and its secrets. Given that so much of the Veda is secret (even to protectors), it is difficult to appreciate this "privilege". The experienced ones state that the Veda reveals its secrets in its own time to those who aspire to this knowledge with sufficient ardor. This knowledge only comes with the opening of our intuitive abilities. These in turn develop by listening to the chanting of the scripture. To be able to listen to it even once in one’s lifetime is itself a cause for wonderment. That we have been able to listen to it regularly for so many years is truly an act of God.

Given that this duty is the raison d’Ítre of the Sabha, it is only appropriate that this year, we once again undertake this project with a greater awareness of the privilege granted to us.

The Sabha thanks in advance all members for their overwhelming response in hosting the vedaparayana during the 45-day period.